How to Tie Surf Fishing Rigs?

Fishing rigs are the combinations of hooks, snaps, swivels, and sinkers that are attached to the other end of the fishing line.

How to Tie Surf Fishing Rigs

Tying fishing rigs is the arrangement of items either to the rod, boat, or pier used for fishing. Surf fishing rigs are basically used for catching variable species of fish, including redfish and stripers.


Knowing how to tie a fishing rig appropriately is crucial to get the most out of surf fishing.

Tying surf fishing rigs can be tricky but there is no need to worry; here I am explaining the step-by-step procedure on how to tie a surf fishing rig appropriately. Let’s look at the details below.

How To Tie Surf Fishing Rigs?

These steps will help you a lot, not only if you catch toothy fish like Spanish Mackerel or Sharks but also if there are lots of rocks and other surrounding objects.

How To Tie Surf Fishing Rigs

Step By Step Procedure To Tie Surf Fishing Rig

Although the steps mentioned below may take lots of time, they are worth taking your time and effort.  Keep in mind the rig we are going to explain below is made up of 3 offshoots and a core. If you’re interested in learning more about surf fishing, check out the guide here.

Step By Step Procedure To Tie Surf Fishing Rig


Offshoots of the rig are tied with a 20 lb leader, whereas the core is attached with a 30 lb leader. 

This is important because in case you get hooked into a toothy fish, the damage is not to the entire leader; instead, you will only lose the offshoot. Follow the steps to tie surf fishing rigs

  1. You have to use a double overhand knot in order to tie a loop at one end of the 30 lb leader. Keep in mind that this will be the core bottom.
  2. Now, you have to tie the first dropper loop about 10 inches from the loop that you have previously tied to the bottom of the core.
  3. In this third step, you have to tie the second dropper loop, which should be 15 to 20 inches above the first dropper loop that you have previously tied.
  4. Now mark the part of the leader at 10 to 15 inches above the second dropper loop and cut the leader from that point. It is the top of the core. Now connect this rig to the main line by tying an FG Knot.
  5. After successfully tying the FG knot, now is the time to work with offshoots because your core is done now.
  6. It’s time to tie a perfection loop. Mark the spot at the end of your 20 lb leader and tie a perfection loop at that point.
  7. Carefully cut the offshoots with a measurement of around 8 inches in length.
  8. Now, you have to use the loop-to-loop connection to join the core loop with the offshoot loop.
  9. At the end of the offshoot, tie a hook with the use of any knot that will work. I personally prefer using Orvis knots at this step.
  10. Now carefully tie the second offshoot by repeating the steps from 6 to 9, as mentioned above. Make sure to repeat the process attentively.
  11. Now use the 20 lb leader, and on the bottom of the core, tie an Orvis knot to the loop.
  12. Now, this is the final step, where you have to tie a large perfection loop at the bottom position of the offshoot by cutting off at 10 inches in length.
Tie a Perfection Loop

Make sure to carefully understand these steps before initiating the procedure. Then, attentively tie a surf fishing rig and follow these above-mentioned procedures step by step so you can get your ultimate fishing rig ready.


What rig is best for surf fishing?

When it comes to surf fishing, one of the best rigs used is the Carolina rig. It is sensitive, simple, and ideal for water/sandy beaches. You can go with Carolina Rig anywhere between 1.5 to 3 feet in size, depending upon the leader you have.

What are the best types of leaders used for fishing?

There are different types of leaders that can be used for fishing, but one of the most reliable, popular, and best types is the fluorocarbon leader. It is ideal for fishing in clear water, whereas you also have the option of going with monocarbon leaders. These mono-fishing leaders are not only popular but also robust, flexible, and comparatively thinner than fluorocarbon fishing leaders.

What is a fishing rig used for?

A rig is basically the arrangement of items that are used for fishing. It is the assembling of sinkers, bobbers, lines, hooks, beads, lures, and swivels. There are different types of rigs; some are designed to sink, some are designed to float, some are made for trolling, and some are specifically made for catching one species of fish.

What are the best fishing rigs available?

The best surf fishing rigs include the Carolina rig, Fish Finder rig, Drop Shot rig, and High Low rig. You can also go with a Dropper Loop rig and a Spider Hitch rig. All of these rigs are different from each other and are ideal for particular types of fishing.

What is the best rig for surfing?

The fish finder rig is considered one of the best rigs for surf fishing. It is one of the popular choices because it is versatile, and you can rely on it in most conditions for most types of species. In the presence of this fish finder fishing rig, you can catch most species of fish quickly.

What are the top rigs used by pro anglers?

Two of the high-end rigs are considered ideal for surf fishing to be used by pro-anglers. These are the Pulley rig and Up And Over rig. The Pulley rig is suitable for anglers who are targeting the mid-water species, whereas the up-and-over rig is ideal for anglers looking for rigs to help them with long-distance casting.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have understood the details mentioned above. Keep your attention on the step-by-step procedure about how to tie the fishing rig appropriately so you can easily do it on your own. 

Pro Tip:

Keep in mind that tying the rig with the use of 20 lb offshoots and 30 lb core is ideal because, in case you get hooked, you have higher chances of breaking your offshoot instead of breaking the core.

Furthermore, tying your rig this way will help you spend more hours fishing instead of tying rigs again and again. So make sure to understand the procedure attentively so you do not miss anything important.

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