Why Should Boaters Slow Down While Passing Recreational Fishing Boats?

Do you realize the importance of slowing down when passing by recreational boats? The vessel’s speed matters a lot when passing by other boats in the sea. It can negatively impact and flip the other ship, causing injuries.

Why Should Boaters Slow Down While Passing Recreational Fishing Boats

Many of you might know that slowing down is essential, but you must learn why. I decided to discuss a few reasons below so you can be more careful about your next boating.

Why Should Boaters Slow Down While Passing Recreational Fishing Boats?

Navigating a boat is a task, so it is essential to know the guidelines and rules before entering the sea. According to the US government and law, boaters must slow down when passing big recreational fishing boats in the water. It is a rule that every responsible boater must follow when navigating in water.

There are multiple reasons why the US government passed the rule. Let me discuss a few of them below so you should be aware of simple conduct when sailing at sea.

Avoid Collisions/Accidents

The most common reason behind the law’s passing was to prevent collisions and accidents. Boats can collide if a boater does not observe the other boat’s movements.

Avoid Collisions

It is best to slow down and take your time to plan your movement according to the other boat’s movement. Fishing boats can sometimes take a turn, so it is recommended to slow down when other boats pass by in the sea.

Minimizing Water Lakes

The recreational boats are small and can be impacted by the waves. Small boats that pass by at high speed can destabilize them and damage the fishing equipment. They can cause big accidents, injure passengers, or scare away the fish.

Minimizing Water Lakes

Hence, it is essential to slow down because you can damage other boats or people nearby. The high speed can affect the equilibrium and put the passengers in danger. Slowing down is essential to reduce water wakes as minimal disturbance is caused.


You will always be sharing the sea with other boaters, swimmers, or anglers, so it is essential to respect their privacy.


Hence, it is a basic courtesy that every boater should have when sailing. All the activities, i.e., recreational fishing, surfing, or parasailing, must go uninterrupted in the water.

Dangers Of Passing By A Recreational Boat At High Speed

When a boater passes by a recreational boat at high speed, he produces giant waves that will rock the boat. This might cause injuries or damage the equipment as it is made delicately. The torn nets or broken rods won’t help catch fish; hence, the boaters will lose their bait.

Dangers Of Passing By A Recreational Boat At High Speed

The high speed can result in accidents or mishaps because the boater is short of time to make the next move in the sea. Hence, the delayed response might result in injuries, collisions, and a disaster. You can also check about What Is The Major Danger Of Anchoring A Fish Boat From Stern?

Boating Etiquettes

Have you ever considered boating etiquette or how one boat should pass the other when using the same sea? Very few of you might know about these, so it is under discussion today.

Boating Etiquettes
  • The first and most crucial boating etiquette is to slow down when passing recreational fishing boats. Go at a safe speed so you have ample time to react and decide your direction.
  • Secondly, maintaining a reasonable distance from the other boats is essential. Make sure your boat is 100 feet away from the recreational fishing boat. It is a general rule of thumb that every boater must know.
  • Communication is essential when using the same water as many other boaters. Communicate or send signals to the people on the boats nearby so you can decide your course in the water.
  • Watching out for signals is essential to adjust your course. The people on the fishing boat might use their hands or fishing rods to give others signals. Look out for these signals or use sound if it isn’t possible.


An informative article on why boaters should slow down while passing recreational fishing boats is given so people can know the basic guidelines. It is essential to go at a slow speed and maintain distance as it saves from accidents. A lot of people need to be made aware of the basic rules that are important when navigating through the sea.

I hope the information has helped you learn the reasons and some boating etiquette. These will help you if you plan on boating soon. 

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