Best Surf Fishing Cart in 2024 Along with Buying Guide

If you are a surf angler and fed up with always keeping up with the gear, you need to switch to surf fishing carts. These carts are pretty handy in carrying fishing gear to the surfing zone. However, most options in the market have limited features, making it challenging for anglers to find one, especially new ones.

Best Surf Fishing Cart

If you have no clue about how to find the best surf fishing cart, no worries. Here are some in-depth reviews of popular fishing carts that I tried and tested myself. So, keep on reading to know more.


Factors that make a surf fishing cart the best are its weight capacity, construction, assembly, and wheel type. 


Your fishing location terrain is also important in choosing a surf fishing cart because a cart for soft sand and beaches is a lot different from hard surface terrain. 

7 Best Surf Fishing Carts

1. Sea Striker Balloon Tire Surf Cart

Sea Striker Balloon Tire Surf Cart

Best Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 125 lbs (55 quartz)
  • Cart Height: 34 inches
  • Material Construction: Galvanized steel, nylon rod, and polyurethane
  • Hand swagger included

Sea Striker is a well-known brand when it comes to fishing equipment for its innovative and quality gear. This Sea Striker surf cart is no different and works well over the Gulf Coast’s deep and uneven terrains. As a solo angler, I loved using it for its portable and easily rollable design.

The best-selling factor of this cart is its durable design that can last you for decades. It is made up of galvanized steel and nylon, which is highly sturdy and coated with powder, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by rain. I have been using mine for seven years with no signs of wear and tear.

Sea Striker Balloon Tire Surf Cart

In addition, this cart is equipped with polyurethane balloon tires, which are undoubtedly the best choice for surf carts. These tires roll seamlessly over deep sand with no inconvenience. The carrying handle also helps you in gliding it over the coast using minimal effort, even with a heavy load.

Lastly, speaking of the load capacity, this cart can easily handle over 125 pounds, including 54-quart coolers. With this cargo space, you can use it to carry rods, buckets, coolers, and other surf fishing gear. The good thing is that its thick rods keep everything safe and secured.


  • Offers great safety
  • Durable and portable
  • Roomy cargo space
  • Easy to push/ pull


  • A bit tricky to assemble

Wrapping up, this surf cart from Sea Striker is a popular choice for many anglers, all thanks to its durable and portable structure. In addition to the ease of pushing and pulling the cart, you can carry heavy loads in the cargo. Plus, the balloon wheels make it suitable for uneven, deep sand.

2. Sea Striker Deluxe Surf Cart

Sea Striker Deluxe Surf Cart

Best Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 54-quart coolers
  • Cart Height: 34 inches
  • Material Construction: powder-coated PVC
  • Includes plastic pneumatic wheels

Coming from Sea Striker, this fishing cart is yet another portable alternative for anglers who want a convenient way to carry their gear to their destination. With big bulky wheels and a carrying handle, gliding it over uneven, deep sand is no issue. Plus, it has a reasonable price tag.

First, it has a durable skeleton made up of galvanized steel with powder coating, so you do not have to worry about moisture damage. After using it for two years in wet conditions, I noticed no sign of wear and tear. It is further accompanied by PVC rods that keep your fishing gear secure over uneven terrain.

Sea Striker Deluxe Surf Cart

Speaking of portability, the manufacturers have included pneumatic wheels that are moderately pressured and easily glide over deep sand. I have used it over the Gulf Coast sand and didn’t experience any inconvenience. The carrying handle also makes it easy to roll the cart.

Finally, when it comes to the load capacity, it can easily handle a 54-quart cooler and has an 85-pound capacity. Given it is designed for solo anglers, you can use it to carry fishing gear and rods. You are also allowed to remove the handle for extra space according to your liking.


  • Easy rolling wheels
  • Perfect for solo anglers
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Durable and portable


  • Need tools for assembly

In conclusion, this Sea Striker Deluxe cart is a convenient alternative to transport your entire fish gear to the surf zone. It is best known for its well-organized design that has adjustable cargo space and durable structure. Moreover, rolling it over deep sand is seamless and takes minimal effort.

3. Fish-N-Mate 310 Lg Anglers Cart

Fish-N-Mate 310 Lg Anglers Cart

Best Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 310 pounds
  • Cart Dimensions: 49 x 20 x 11.1 inches
  • 15-inch poly tires
  • Includes a detachable handle

I have used this Fish-N-Mate angler cart on the White Gulf coast, and I really like how it rolls over the deep sand with heavy fish in them. One thing I love is its massive cargo space that can carry a number of rods and gears. Plus, it is portable and lightweight for transportation.

First, let us discuss its durability, which is why most surfers prefer it for fishing. This cart is made up of powder-coated vinyl rods that are long-lasting and resist corrosion ideally. I have used it in harsh weather conditions, and the fact that it is still intact speaks volumes.

Fish-N-Mate 310 Lg Anglers Cart

Moreover, the manufacturers have used 15-inch poly wheels, which makes it easy to transport over the deep sandy terrain and even concrete. The carrying handle also offers great assistance in carrying heavy loads on the cart. Moreover, assembling these wheels is convenient. You can also check Best Surf Fishing Backpacks.

Finally, coming to the load capacity, this cart can easily carry around 310 pounds, including 54-quart coolers. So, you can pretty much load everything from buckets to chairs, coolers, fishing poles, and rods. I have used this for heavy fish, and rolling it was no issue for me.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to roll
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High load capacity


  • Tools included are limited

Final thoughts: this Fish-N-Mate anglers cart is a great choice for anyone who is up for a big fishing adventure and needs to catch a big one. It is equipped with massive cargo space and durable wheels that make the experience bearable. Also, the assembly needs minimal effort.

4. Juggernaut Anglers Fishing Carts – AFCART-BLUE

Juggernaut Anglers Fishing Carts

Best Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Cart Height: 40 inches
  • Material Construction: stainless steel, aluminum
  • Low-pressure balloon tires

If you want to see the most portable and lightweight alternative out there for surf fishing, it is time to switch to the Juggernaut cart. Despite its mobile design, the durability, cargo space, and wheels are top-notch. The best thing I like about it is how easy it is to clean the cart.

The best-selling factor of this angler cart is undoubtedly its durability score. It is made up of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, which can not only hold heavy gear but also resist corrosion to a great extent. You can use it in the wettest conditions without thinking twice.

Juggernaut Anglers Fishing Carts

It is further accompanied by low-pressure balloon tires that easily glide over deep sand and uneven terrains with no signs of wear and tear. After using them on the bumpiest terrains, I still notice no problems with the pressure. The handle is equally durable and makes it easy to pull the car.

Speaking of the weight capacity, this cart can withstand loads up to 220 pounds, including rods, buckets, chairs, etc. As an angler who usually takes a massive load to the beach, this cart has been a great help. Finally, for cleaning, I just used a water hose and washed it down in minutes.


  • Mobile and portable
  • Resist corrosion ideally
  • Takes heavy load
  • Easy to clean


  • Not the best for families

Wrapping up, this Juggernaut fishing cart is an excellent way for anglers to carry heavy loads to their destination. It has a big cargo space, low-pressure tires, and a sturdy frame, which is all you need for a successful ride. Similarly, the mobile design makes it easy to transport.

5. Drifter Marine Standard Fishing Beach Pier Cart

Drifter Marine Standard Fishing Beach Pier Cart

Best Features:

  • Cargo Capacity: 125 lbs
  • Cart Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 24 inches
  • Material Construction: Aluminum
  • Solid rubber tires

Here comes yet another of the best surf fishing carts from Drifter Marine, with a spacious cargo and durable structure. A friend recommended this cart to me a while ago, and investing in this was a wise decision. It is great for solo anglers and groups who want to plan a fishing adventure.

Before we go into the load capacity, let us discuss its construction quality. The manufacturers have used high-grade aluminum for its construction, coated with powder, making it resistant to corrosion, so you can even use it in saltwater. Despite this, it is light and portable.

Drifter Marine Standard Fishing Beach Pier Cart

A large part of its portability credit goes to its wheels, which are made up of solid rubber. Though they are not low-pressure tires, I experience no issues in gliding them over the deep sand. Moreover, the rubber on the carrying handle adds to the convenience of pulling it.

In the end, speaking of the cargo capacity, this cart can easily support over 125 pounds, including 54-quart coolers. I have used this for all sorts of fishing gear, from rods to holders, lures, and rigs. Finally, I would say it is equally easy to put together with the tools included in the package.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable and durable
  • Great value for money
  • Decent weight capacity


  • Wheels are not low-pressured

In essence, the Drifter Marine surf cart is a handy substitute for anyone in search of a durable cart to carry their fishing gear. It comes with a durable skeleton and spacious cargo, not to mention rubber tires, which is a perfect combo to use over uneven concrete pavements and deep sand.

6. Tolead Foldable Fishing Cart

Tolead Foldable Fishing Cart

Best Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 550 pounds
  • Cart Height: 33.9 inches
  • Material Construction: metal
  • It has a foldable design

The next surf cart for fishing is this Tolead, with a convenient foldable design that is perfectly apt for solo anglers. The highlight of this model is its big bulky wheels and massive cargo space, which makes it easy to glide over almost any terrain. Also, assembling this was pretty easy.

The cart frame is made up of heavy metal, which is durable and resists water, so you can use it in saltwater without thinking of damage. Despite this, it is small and lightweight. The equipment organizer further accompanies it to keep everything easily accessible for later.

Tolead Foldable Fishing Cart

Now, coming to the best-selling feature, the manufacturers have added bulky rubber wheels that keep everything stable. These no-slip tires are best for any terrain, be it deep sand, concrete pavements, or gravel. It also makes it easy for anglers to glide it with absolute ease.

Moreover, speaking of its massive cargo space, this one has a 500-550-pound capacity with which you can carry everything from rods to lures, fishing gear, toolkits, and big fish. Finally, when needed, you can field it into a compact size to fit it in your car for traveling.


  • Foldable and portable
  • Stable steering mechanism
  • Resist corrosion ideally
  • Offers easy assembly


  • A bit pricey for the features

If you are in need of an all-in-one cart for your surf, beach, and pier fishing adventures, definitely consider this To Lead fishing cart. It has a stable structure with roomy cargo space and an adjustable handlebar. Not only this, but the durable structure and foldability make it stand out.

7. Gorilla Carts Foldable Poly Fishing Utility Cart

Gorilla Carts Foldable Poly Fishing Utility Cart

Best Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 200 pounds
  • Cart Height: 24.75 inches
  • Material Construction: aluminum, stainless steel
  • 13-inch all-terrain tires

Whether you are a pier or surf fisher, this Gorilla Utility is worth mentioning because of its features and reasonable price. I have used it for around two years and really like its sturdy construction and massive cargo space. Even cooler, it is foldable and easy to assemble.

The first thing you will note about this cart is its heavy skeleton. The manufacturers have used aluminum and stainless steel, both of which are durable and heavier. That said, the back bait tray is removable, so you can also choose to get rid of extra weight when it is not needed.

Gorilla Carts Foldable Poly Fishing Utility Cart

Moreover, you will find the wheels and carrying handle highly accommodating when it comes to portability. The tires have low pressure and work on all terrains, including concrete pavements and uneven, deep sand. Putting the tires on the cart also needs minimal effort from your side.

Finally, let us talk about the load limit of this utility cart; it can easily handle over 200 pounds. As compared to competitors, the cargo space is big and roomy, so you can load everything from buckets to fishing gear and lure tools in one place. You can also adjust the rod holders for extra space.


  • It has a spacious cargo
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great value for money
  • Removable rod holders


  • It is heavier than its competitors

In essence, the last but not least cart on my list of best surf fishing carts is this Gorilla cart with decent cargo space, a durable skeleton, and a foldable design. Despite it being an affordable option, the construction quality is top-notch. Overall, you can use it for the Gulf Coast’s deep sand.

How to Find the Best Surf Fishing Cart: All You Need to Know

Choosing a surf fishing cart can be a challenge, whether you are a solo angler, family, or a group of friends. Whatever the case, you need to look into everything from the cargo space to the material construction, cart weight, tires, carrying handle, and assembly requirements. If you have no clue about finding a good fishing cart, don’t worry, and keep on reading this guide.

How to Find the Best Surf Fishing Cart
Infographic: How to Find the Best Surf Fishing Cart

Load Capacity

The first thing you need to look into when buying surf fishing carts is the load capacity. In this case, go for options between 125 and 300 pounds, as they are more than enough to carry all sorts of fishing gear, including rods, lures, rod holders, fish, etc. Some modern options also have adjustable rods for extra space.

Ease of Use

The next important feature of a fishing cart is its tires, as they will determine how easy it is to glide over the terrain. You need to go for either low-pressure tires or bulky balloon tires, as both of them are suitable for uneven, deep sands and concrete pavements. Moreover, the more the tires, the easier it is to use them.

Material Construction and Durability

Another thing that matters a lot in determining the best surf fishing cart is the material used in the construction. Typically, options like galvanized metal, stainless steel, PVC, and nylon are considered better, as they are durable enough to last for a long time. But do prefer the ones coated with powder to resist wet conditions.

Cart Weight

You also need to consider the weight of the fishing cart, as a heavy cart can be a challenge to handle. So, if you are a solo angler, definitely go for lighter ones, but ensure they are able to carry a considerable load. However, heavier and bulkier carts might be better for families or groups of friends.


No one needs to bother with assembling the fishing carts, especially when they are planning an adventure. Hence, what’s better is a pre-installed fishing cart. However, if you are unable to find one pre-installed, go for the ones that come with a toolkit and have an easily understandable structure, so it is easy to install it.

Finally, I hope these prerequisites have been helpful for you in finding the right surf fishing cart.

Pro Tip

Always go for a surf fishing cart that offers smooth mobility of wheels to enjoy surf fishing on sandy terrains too. 


Is a surf fishing cart worth it?

Yes, surf fishing carts are a handy alternative for solo travelers and groups to carry fishing essentials and gear to the surf zones. Comparatively, they are lightweight and easy to handle over deep sand terrains. Despite the portability, surf carts are durable and have decent cargo space to hold essentials.

What is the best surf fishing cart?

Sea Striker Balloon Tires surf fishing cart is one of the best for anglers searching for something durable and portable. It is equipped with spacious cargo and thick bulky tires, making it great for uneven terrains, specifically deep sand. Moreover, it has a 125-pound capacity to carry all fishing gear.

What kind of wheels work best on sand?

Pneumatic tires are a better option for deep and uneven sand, as they are durable enough to glide over multiple terrains. Apart from this, low-pressure tires and balloon tires work great on concrete pavements and deep sand. You also need to consider the tire’s diameter when choosing a cart.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that a handy surf fishing cart can be difficult when you are a no-angler and have no clue about the right features. What’s better is that you read customers’ reviews and narrow down the potential options. Still confused? Here are some of my favorites from the above-mentioned list.

I hope this list of my tried-and-tested reviews has helped you in finding the best surf fishing cart.

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