Surf Fishing Gears | 10 Essentials for Fishing in 2024

If you have just entered the world of surf fishing and are looking for surf fishing gear suggestions that give the best surf fishing experience, then this article is for you.

Surf Fishing Gear

Today, we will share the numerous essential surf fishing gear one needs for a captivating coastal adventure. Knowing the best surf fishing spots and being good at surf fishing is not enough to catch your target fish because the right gear provides a rewarding and enjoyable fishing experience.

Surf Fishing Gear

Fishing is more than just having a fishing rod, hook, and bait. Read ahead to learn what essential surf fishing gear you need to enjoy fishing anytime, any day. Here’s what I carry in my bag, and I never leave for surf fishing without them.

1. Fishing Rods

The fishing rod is the most essential and obvious requirement of fishing. I mean, how will you catch a fish without a fishing rod, right? But all fishing rods are not the same, and in my experience, it is essential to get a surf fishing rod that matches your surf fishing style. My favorite fishing rods are;

Fishing Rods

Both these fishing rods come with all the essential items that cover multiple scenarios. Moreover, you can catch almost all kinds of fish with these fishing rods. It has all the qualities that outshine any high-end fishing rod, which include durability, incredible performance, and strength.

Plus, the steelhead rod makes it ideal for big catches and giant fish that are difficult to handle with an ordinary fishing rod. So, if you want the best, go for the Okuma Celilo and Dr. Fish surf fishing rod.

2. Surf Fishing Reels

Fishing reels are as important as the fishing rod, and if you want to cover hundreds of yards without stepping in the water, you need a fishing reel with about 6000 to 8000 size range. Choosing the right surf fishing reel is not an easy job, but don’t worry, you can give a try to our favorite fishing reels i-e.,

Surf Fishing Reels

The best thing about Lew’s fishing reels is that they provide premium power and fast action, which means you will never return home empty-handed. Moreover, the superior construction and unmatchable reliability are the most commendable features of these fishing rods, as they make these reels your life-long fishing partner.

3. Fishing Tackle Backpack

My favorite surf fishing spot is not near my home, and I have to travel a few miles to enjoy surf fishing. I never used a backpack for fishing, but because I carry loads of stuff with me and keep losing my important things, I decided to get a fishing backpack.

Fishing Tackle Backpack

I wanted a backpack that could handle the weight of all my surf fishing gear and my personal belongings. In short, I wanted a bag with lots of pockets and zippers where I could keep my essentials in an organized way. Thanks to the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack and KastKing BlowBak Tactical Fishing Storage Bag for relieving my hands that were tired of carrying heavy surf fishing gear every other day.

If you are a person who carries a lot of personal and fishing stuff on the fishing days, then you should get yourself a fishing tackle backpack. This will keep all your stuff safe, and also, carrying everything in a backpack is a lot easier than stuffing your hands.

4. Fishing Waders

If you love fishing, you should not be afraid of waves coming your way and leaving you wet, but not everyone enjoys it. A fantastic way to stay dry while surf fishing is wearing a fishing wader.

For me, it is an essential surf fishing gear as it keeps me dry and warm. Isn’t it a perfect surf fishing gear for winters and colder seasons? The surf fishing waders I mainly use are;

Fishing Waders

The best thing about these high-quality, comfortable, waterproof surf fishing gear is that they come in variable sizes. So whether you are a girl or a boy, you will find your perfect-size fishing wader here.

5. Fishing Lures

Like fishing rods, reels, etc., fishing lures are also essential surf fishing gear. Fishing lures are the game changers as they attract the fish towards your trap, so make sure you carry a tempting fishing lure to get your hands on your target fish. All surf anglers can use live bait or artificial fishing lures to attract the fish, and I mostly use the following:

Fishing Lures

The reason why I prefer these fishing lures is that these lifelike baits are available in variable sizes. So whether you want to catch a small fish or a large one, you will find the fishing lure of your choice here.

Moreover, these fishing lures have bass vibration that tempts the fish more to attack and ultra-sharp hooks that won’t let the fish go once caught. I caught trout, Crappie, Salmon, and many kinds of fish with the same fishing lures. Do give it a shot.

6. Fishing Sinkers

Another surf fishing gear that you can not miss is fishing sinkers. Are you wondering why you need a fishing sinker? A fishing sinker keeps the bait under the water, making it reach more prey, as those who love to swim at lake or river bottoms.

You can use any fishing sinkers to add weight to your fishing line and fishing lure. Fishing sinkers that I usually use for fishing deep water are

Fishing Sinkers

There are plenty of fishing sinkers available in the market, but I mostly prefer these because you get a lot of fishing sinkers of variable sizes and materials, and they are easily adjustable. This is why they are perfect for all kinds of fish and fishing scenarios.

7. Surf Fishing Tackle Kit

Another necessary surf fishing gear is a surf fishing tackle kit. It might seem unnecessary, and I used to think the same, but ever since I got them, sorting all my terminal tackles has become super easy.

It has a small compartment for each accessory, like fishing lines, hooks, lures, swivels, jigs, sinkers, etc. I use the following fishing accessory kit the most.

Surf Fishing Tackle Kit

These kits come with plenty of essential stuff packed in a heavy-duty box. Both the fishing essentials and the kit are super reliable and don’t rust or break easily.

Moreover, you can make as many different kinds of rigs as you want using the accessories. I just love this thing about this surf fishing gear, and I really enjoy experimenting with these and testing my creations while surf fishing.

8. Surf Fishing Rigs

Surf fishing rigs are another essential surf fishing gear that all anglers must have to get the most out of surf fishing. Using a surf fishing rig is to catch your target fish while standing at a seashore or a beach. With fishing rigs, catching pompano, bluefish, snook, redfish, or any other beach fish is a cakewalk.

All you have to do is make your fishing rig look attractive, and for that, you can add bobbles, swivels, beads, lures, etc., with your fishing line and wait for the prey to bite on your fishing rig.

Surf Fishing Rigs

I like to use the above-mentioned high-quality fishing rigs because they are easy to use and come with all the essential items you will need to make a fishing rig. Moreover, the material used to build these high-quality surf fishing gear is stainless, so whether you go fishing in saltwater or freshwater, the water will not affect the quality of fishing rigs. Also, these are available in multiple colors, so choose the one you like.

9. Fishing Knives

Who doesn’t love camping, vacations, and having a fantastic fish meal with family? So, the fun doesn’t end with returning home with a bucket full of fresh fish. I love cooking finger-licking fish dishes for my family, and the following fishing knives are no less than a blessing for me.

Fishing Knives

Although many people don’t pay much attention to purchasing fishing knives, these are essential surf fishing gear. The best thing you can do for yourself as a fish lover is to have a sharp, pointy knife to make appropriate cuts on the fish’s skin, a giant knife to get rid of the head and tail, and a flat spatula to separate the fish’s skin and flesh and enjoy a delicious meal. Many work with ordinary knives, but to make strategic cuts without ruining the flesh, it is essential to get a fishing knife set and make your life easy.

10. Fishing Pliers

Ah, before getting your fish on the workstation, think about how you will get the fishing lures, hooks, and lines out of the fish? Of course, you will need fishing pliers and a tool kit for that because your ordinary pliers are useless here. This is why fishing pliers are an important surf fishing gear that every angler should have.

Fishing Pliers

There are many different fishing pliers and fishing tool kits available in the market that have all the tools in a bag, which you will need to unhook and free the fish from the trap. Always invest in a high-quality kit like

These fishing tool kits come with a plier, hook remover, fish lip clip, fillet knife, and much more that makes unhooking fish, grabbing lines, cutting lines, tightening hooks, etc., a child’s play. These are not only used to free your meal from all the unnecessary stuff, but you can also use these to adjust your fishing essentials if needed.

11. Portable Fish Cooler Bags

If your surf fishing spot is close to your home, where you can make a quick trip to your kitchen and store the caught fish, you don’t need a cooler for fishing. But what about camping, vacations, holidays, or when you go to a surf fishing location that is nowhere near your residence?

Portable Fish Cooler Bags


You wouldn’t like your fish to smell unpleasant or get spoiled before cooking, right? That is why a cooler is an essential surf-fishing gear. 

I always carry transportable and lightweight fish cooler bags to keep my catch fresh. Mostly, I go with

These are super-easy to carry and insulated, which keeps the fish cool and fresh. Moreover, the high-quality PVC material of these bags is waterproof and leakproof, all thanks to its air-tight zipper that prevents spoiling and unwanted leaks. Plus, these are super affordable and very useful in the long run.

12. Live Bait Coolers

All fishing enthusiasts who love to catch their prey with live bait should get this surf fishing gear right away. Now, you must be wondering why you need a live bait cooler, right? Well, don’t you want to keep your live bait healthier and more energetic till it reaches the mouth of your target fish?

Pro Tip

No fish is attracted to a bait that is barely alive and hanging with a thread of life. That’s why fresh live baits are the best. 

Live Bait Coolers

A live bait should be super active to get the attention of nearby fish, and this is why you need a live bait cooler. Some high-quality live bait coolers are

These coolers have numerous impressive features, like carrying handles, air-tight locks, water resistance, and durability. These live bait coolers seem a little expensive but can change your fishing game once you get them.

13. Fishing Gloves

Fishing gloves are totally a personal choice but are essential surf fishing gear as not all water bodies are friendly to some anglers. I am not a glove person, but sometimes my hands get super dry and cracky because of frequent fishing, and I prefer to use fishing gloves in those times.

Fishing Gloves

It acts as a protective layer over your hands, but if you don’t need gloves and are not comfortable wearing them, then you can go fishing without them, too. 


Fishing gloves are recommended for those who end up damaging and injuring their hands while fishing.


What equipment is needed for surf fishing?

The most essential equipment for surf fishing are fishing rods, fishing reels, baits and lures, fishing rigs, and a spare fishing line in case you need it.

What action is best for surf fishing?

The best action for surf fishing is medium-fast action. So, while choosing your fishing rod, ensure it has a stiff tip and offers medium-fast action. You will catch a lot more than your target with this action.

What is the best lure for surf fishing?

Heavy metal lures are the best fishing lures for surf fishing.


Surf fishing is a fantastic hobby and super enjoyable, but I can guarantee you will have more fun if you are equipped with the right surf fishing gear. We have included all the necessary surf fishing gear an angler must have to return home happy after enjoying his surf fishing day to the fullest. Feel free to take help from our article to get the essential surf fishing gear for yourself.

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