What Is The Fine For Fishing Without A License?

What is the fine for fishing without a license? It is a very important question because ignorance is not going to save you from heavy penalties that might get imposed on you if you fish without a license in the USA. In case you choose not to pay the fine, you will end up landing in prison for real.

What Is the Fine for Fishing Without a License

I think it would be better if you knew how much fine you might need to pay for inshore fishing illegally in the States. This will give you a sense of responsibility and motivate you to obtain a license. For further details, I suggest you read out the following complete article.

What Is The Fine For Fishing Without A License

One can never be sure how much fine they might have to pay if they get caught fishing illegally. This is because there are different fines rates in different states of the States. It also depends upon the type and quantity of the fish you catch. In any case, you can expect to pay an average range of 15 to 12,000 USD fine. Of course, it is an average range, and the actual amount may be much higher or lower, depending on the state. I am about to discuss the fine rates of the three States down below. Click and read about How to Get Fishing Sponsors.


In California, the fishing fine ranges between 485 to 1,000 USD. However, if you catch a rare illegal fish, you will have to pay a thousand dollars for a single such fish. Other than that, you might also have to serve thirty days in prison if you fail to pay the fine on a timely basis.



In Massachusetts, you will have to pay a fine of about fifty to a hundred dollars. However, this fine could easily be converted to a thirty-day jail time if you get caught twice. So, it is better to get a license on a timely basis.


North Carolina

In North Carolina, you will have to pay a fine ranging between fifty to five hundred dollars. You might have to serve an additional thirty days in prison!

North Carolina

The Bottom Line

So, rather than facing jail time and paying heavy penalties, it is far better to get yourself a state license for fishing. It is super easy to obtain, and you won’t even have to pay any heavy charges either. In fact, the charges for obtaining a fishing license are way less than paying the heavy fines in case you get caught catching fish illegally!

So, I would highly recommend you all to take some time and get yourselves licensed as soon as you turn sixteen. Otherwise, good luck ditching the authorities, who will eat you alive if they catch you!

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