Why Do Guys Like Fishing?

Have you ever noticed every other person on a fishing spot is a boy? When I used to go fishing with my dad, every single time, the fishing spot was filled with guys of all ages. This has always made me wonder why guys like fishing so much and why they are so obsessed with this activity.

Why Do Guys Like Fishing

I am sure many of you who are here must have this question in mind, so let’s end this confusion today and find out the reasons why guys like fishing. So let’s get started.

Why Do Guys Like Fishing?

The reason why guys like fishing is deeper than the depth of the ocean. Moreover, guys can like fishing for multiple reasons, and today, we are going to reveal those reasons; if you are interested in knowing why guys like fishing, then keep on reading this article. You can also check Best Kayaks for Big Guys.

1. Emotional Bond

For many anglers, fishing is more than just a hobby. Some have a deep emotional bond with fishing as it reminds them of their first fishing trip with their dad or grandpa. I love fishing for the same reason; whenever I visit a fishing spot, it takes me back to all the loving memories of our family fishing trips.

Emotional Bond

From catching fish together standing at the seashore to watching my mom cook a delicious fish dinner for us to ending our day by sitting around a bonfire, fishing has a special place in my heart. And I guess most of the guys like fishing because it revives their childhood memories.

2. It Brings Peace

Some men love fishing because it brings them peace and it’s an escape from the chaos of daily life.

It Brings Peace

Next time you visit a fishing spot, don’t forget to notice the relaxing expression on men’s faces as soon as their fishing line hits the water and the excitement when they catch a fish. It is more than a hobby for men as it lets them feel the peace and breathe in the open air away from busy life.

3. A Way to Bond With Family and Friends

Nowadays, everyone is so busy in their life that we hardly get time for family and friends. Whenever my friends and I get too busy in life, we plan a fishing trip on a weekend to enjoy each other’s company and have a fun day. It is not just my friends; I plan it with my son, too, as my dad used to plan and spend time with me in my childhood.

A Way to Bond With Family and Friends

It is a great way to bond with family and friends, so if you are missing your friends or not getting enough time to spend with your family, try planning a fishing day. You will love it and create amazing memories, too.

4. Enjoy a Fresh Fish Meal

Sometimes, it is neither the memories nor an escape from a busy routine but craving the taste of fresh fish. Moreover, fresh fish tastes much better, and it’s one of the reasons why guys like fishing so much.

Enjoy a Fresh Fish Meal

If you are planning a trip or night out, look for places near fishing spots and taste the fun of catching and cooking fresh fish.

5. It’s More Like a Tradition

Fishing for some men is a family tradition, and it passes from generation to generation. It’s a way of keeping the legacy alive and creating beautiful memories with old family members and kids.

It is More Like a Tradition

Moreover, adults can teach fishing tactics and tricks to the kids and make them fishing experts from a very young age.

6. Making Insta Feed Fishy

In this digital world, everyone loves to share beautiful and fun memories on Instagram. Guys love to throw a picture with their big catch on their feeds, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram.

Making Insta Feed Fishy

Also, many women and guy friends admire these pictures, so sometimes men do it for newsfeed fun, too, to enjoy all the appreciation from friends.

7. Enjoy Some Alone Time

This might be news for some of you; fishing is the most loved hobby of introverts. Those who love spending time alone or want to unwind from the confusing thoughts in their minds just grab their fishing gear and stop by their favorite fishing spot.

Enjoy Some Alone Time

From hitting the fishing line in the water to waiting for the prey to bite your lure, introverts get plenty of time to recharge their batteries and gather their puzzling thoughts.

8. Time to Meditate

Sometimes, when I get too caught up and swamped with work, fishing is the first thing I think of to meditate. It is the same for many other guys. Fishing is a form of active meditation for men as we are not into yoga classes or dancing; fishing is the only way for us to meditate and relax.

Time to Meditate

I can not explain the peace of being at a seashore in words; the sound of waves hitting the rocks and waves moving back after lightly touching feet, everything brings peace to me. I am sure every other guy feels the same.

9. The Battle of Strength

Men are naturally more powerful than women; maybe this is why guys like fishing more than women do. Some fish can be hard to get and put up an intense battle before getting into your fish bucket.

The Battle of Strength

So it’s a battle of strength between men and water creatures; obviously, most of the time, anglers win this battle. Plus, guys enjoy the battling session more than catching the fish in one go.


How addictive is fishing?

Fishing can be really addictive, and some people are literally obsessed with it. The reasons behind being addicted to fishing are not one; some people love spending time alone while some love the taste of fresh fish, and for others, it is a way to be with their friends and family.

Why are people interested in fishing?

People can be interested in fishing for multiple reasons. It can be an escape plan from a busy life or a fun trip with family and friends. Whatever the reason that gets you hitched in fishing, at the end of the day, it will be a lot of fun.

Why does fishing feel so good?

It’s the fun, peace, and tasty meal that you get with fishing that makes it feel so good. Moreover, it’s quite effective for mental well-being and physical health. Its meditative effect is a natural mood booster.


Understanding fishing from a guy’s point of view can be hard, but I am sure after reading this guide, this won’t be the case for you. For guys, fishing is more than a fun and recreational activity.

It is the magnetic pull of the water that draws them towards it. To cut the story short, saying guys like fishing would be an understatement because guys love fishing.

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