How to Put Weight on Fishing Line?

Do you want to catch more fish from under the water but cannot do so? There can be multiple reasons behind this; one is not putting weight on the fishing line. Adding weights to the line can help catch more fish from different water levels.

How to Put Weight on Fishing Line

You can dig into the article if you’re wondering how to use these weights. It explains how to put three types of weights on the fishing line and how they help catch fish. You can also read about How Long Does Fishing Line Last?

How To Put Weight On Fishing Line?

Adding weights or sinkers to the line is essential before going fishing. They will help you catch more fish, usually below the surface or deep in the water. Different types of weights are used for fishing at different levels.

Split Shot Weight

A split shot weight can help catch a fish in less than 6 feet of water. One of the advantages of using split shot weights is that they are convenient to use. The best way is to position weights 2 feet away from the hook.

Split Shot Weight

Your hook and bait must be at a distance from each other. After placing the weight, take a plier and pinch onto the weight until it closes. You must be careful because the pinching process can damage the fishing line.

Rubber Core Sinkers

Rubber core sinkers are another way of adding weight to the fishing line. These core sinkers help in catching the fish underwater. The best way is to attach the sinkers 2 feet above the hook so the fish becomes visible when it comes up.

The rubber core sinker must not exceed 2 feet above the hook because it can make the catching process difficult. After placing the sinker correctly, take the fishing line and push it into the sinker.

Rubber Core Sinkers

Grab the two rubber ends and twist them so the sinker gets secure with the fishing line. It is similar to wrapping candy and can be undone quickly if you want to reposition the sinker on the line.

Sliding Sinkers

The sliding sinkers are used for catching the fish from deep water. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors and may resemble an egg or a bullet. The best way to use the sliding sinkers is to attach them to the bottom of the fishing line.

Sliding Sinkers

They have holes in between and can be slid into the fishing line. The egg-shaped sinkers are light, whereas the bullet-shaped sinkers are heavy. Add them at the bottom, thread the line, and you’re good to go for catching fish from underwater.


A brief article explaining the methods to put weight on a fishing line is written so people can have an idea before their next fishing. You can add different types of weights on the fishing line depending on the depth of the water. The weights can be added to the fishing line and help catch more fish than usual.

The information in the article will help you add weight to your fishing line. It can change your fishing game in just a few days. 

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