How to Cast with Spinning Reel? The Quick Way!


You need to master the proper casting technique in order to catch bigger fish

Not knowing how to cast a fishing line is the same as not knowing how to pull the trigger of the gun. I know, as a beginner, it all might seem overwhelmingly complicated to you, but trust me, it is all quite simple.

How to Cast with Spinning Reel

I have been in the same position you are right now and am about to give you a few tips on overcoming this problem based on my personal experience. To understand how to cast with a spinning reel in detail you must read the following complete article.


Hold the line with your index finger to properly cast a spinning reel, move the fishing rod forward, and lift your finger as you cast it. 

How To Cast With Spinning Reel

Get The Perfect Gear

Before you get started, it is imperative that you equip yourselves with the perfect gear. Your spinning reel and fishing rod should go hand in hand with the kind of fish you are after. These two should support each other in such a way that they help catch the fish easily.

Other than that, your fishing rod should also be compatible with spinning reels. In addition to that, it should also have an ideal weight for your target fish.

Get The Perfect Gear

Pro Tip

All things aside, you must have the best and most suitable bait to go with the kind of fish you intend to catch. 

Every fish has a different taste. Choosing a bait that your target fish species usually bites will enhance your chances of catching more fish in the same time period. 

Setting Up The Spinning Reel

If you are an absolute beginner, you will definitely have trouble setting up your own spinning reel. However, don’t worry about that because I am about to tell you exactly how you can do it very easily.

Setting Up The Spinning Reel

So, start off by reeling your line in and only leaving a few inches of line to hang. I personally feel like 6 to 12 inches is the ideal length; however, I have seen beginners leave extra space off the tip of the rod just to ensure a proper swing.

If you need an extra reel, you could always reel the line slowly until the line is aligned with the rod tip and guides. Now, adjust the drag to 1⁄4 of the weight of your rod. And that’s it!

How To Hold The Fishing Rod?

You need to hold the rod from the handle with your dominant hand on the top and the recessive hand at the bottom of the handle. The index finger of your dominant hand should be positioned above the spinning reel, and the other fingers should be beneath the reel so that you can have a firm grip on your rod.

How To Hold The Fishing Rod

Speaking about the positioning of your rod, it should be horizontal and in line with the ground. Now, press your index finger on the line and pull the rod backward over your shoulder. Remember to loosen your grip on the bud of the rod handle so that your dominant hand can have more free control over the rod.

Casting Techniques

1. Overhead Cast

This is the most basic and frequently used fishing technique. It involves pulling the tip of the fishing rod back over the shoulder enough to give a nice torque when casting the line.

Hold the line with your index finger, all the while you are pulling the rod backward and over your head. Now, cast the line as if you are throwing the bait into the water.

Overhead Cast

However, make sure that you keep a firm grip on your rod while you are casting. The more controlled your movement is, the better your line will get cast. Once the bait touches the surface of the water, close the bail with your recessive hand and wait for the fish to bite the bait.

2. Sidearm Cast

For the sidearm cast, you must stand firmly on the ground and shift the rod sideways towards your dominant side. The positioning of the rod should be parallel to the ground. Now, pull the tip of the rod towards your dominant side.

Sidearm Cast

Now, cast the line in a swinging motion as if you are hitting the ball with a bat. Make sure to swing your arms, shoulders, and hips in line with the rod to avoid any injuries. After that, close the bail and wait for the fish to bite the bait.


What kind of bait should I use to hook my line?

You can hook your line with the kind of bait that the fish usually bite in your area. For instance, if you fish in an area where there are a lot of trout, you can use any kind of bait you have because they will bite literally anything you attach to the hook. However, other kinds of fish have their preferences, so get the ones you won’t regret.

The Bottom Line

So, it was all the information that I could provide you about casting the spinning reel and how to catch the fish effectively. I know this all might seem a little overwhelming to you, and you must be confused, but trust me, it is all quite simple. You need to keep practicing the fishing technique to master it.

Besides, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can only learn if you make mistakes and analyze them properly. Just try not to repeat those same mistakes over and over again!

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