What To Wear Fishing?

When it comes to fishing, do not worry about what to wear, you can wear whatever you want as long as your clothes are comfortable, dry, and offer great protection from the sun.

What To Wear Fishing

In this guide, I will discuss the basic fishing clothing for both men and women, as well as the type of fishing clothes suitable for specific weather conditions. Therefore, keep reading to gain insight.

Basic Fishing Apparel For Winter and Summer

When looking for fishing clothes, you must look for clothes that give you protection, comfort, and camouflage. Dressing for your fishing often starts with layers; top, middle, and bottom. These layers will protect you from rain, cold, winter, and warm days.

Top, Middle, and Bottom Layers

I already discussed above that layering is essential, but it also depends on the weather conditions. Covering yourself in two layers is enough if you are fishing in summer, but in winter, it is best to cover yourself with three layers as a form of protection from cold.  For the base or bottom layer, I will advise you to refrain from wearing a cotton shirt, as it absorbs sweat, which will leave you feeling sticky and moist.

Top, Middle, and Bottom Layers

Instead, go for moisture-wicking shirts that absorb moisture and push the sweat to the fabric’s surface, where it evaporates. Polyester, nylon, merino wool, or polyester-cotton blend are the best materials for fabrics. Furthermore, you can also wear a sun-protective baselayer/shirt with excellent UPF.

For the secondary layer, opt for the long-sleeve shirts, which offer you maximum protection. Many people will disagree with the idea of wearing long sleeves in the heat. But trust me, long-sleeved shirts will protect your arm from the sun and offer excellent ventilation all around the torso.

Fishing Pants

When it comes to pants, go for the nylon material because of its excellent water-resistant properties. When choosing pants, also keep the pockets in mind – the more, the better. Or you can go for fishing vests because they have various small pockets or loops in which you can put your phone, wallet, or fishing gear.

Fishing Pants

Moreover, you can also opt for wader pants made of neoprene material, which will keep you warm when fishing in cold mountain streams or rivers. When fishing in summer, you can go for Best Surf Fishing Waders made from breathable material. In the end, always look for fishing clothes that make you feel comfortable.

What Kind Of Fishing Boots and Accessories Should I Buy?

I will advise you to buy boots that feel comfortable when you wear them and also have ankle support. If you are like me and enjoy getting your feet wet when fishing in summer, then wear non-slip sandals.

What Kind Of Fishing Boots and Accessories Should I Buy

When going fishing, you must also prepare a hat, sunglasses, and Best Cold Weather Fishing Gloves. Fishing hats protect your face and neck from the sun. Light hats with a wide brim are the best choice.

Fishing Clothes For Women

The first thing I will stress about is that whenever buying clothes for yourself, make sure that they are comfortable. Let me discuss one-by-one, what you need:

Shirt & Pants

I already said it above, and I am going to say it again, your base layer shirt should have excellent ventilation, be lightweight, and be comfortable. In summer, the second layer must offer sun protection and excellent ventilation. Whereas in winter, the middle layer must keep you warm at all times.

Shirt & Pants

For the undergarments, I will advise going for a sports bra due to the comfort it offers. A shirt that is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties is your best choice for fishing. I wear a long-sleeved shirt when I go fishing in winter as well as in summer because it gives me protection from the sun in summer and keeps me warm in winter.

The middle layer must consist of a long-sleeve shirt which will protect you from the sun and other elements. Jackets are also necessary depending on the weather conditions. Moreover, do not forget the raincoats, especially when fishing in the open sea or mountains.

In addition, in summer you can also wear cargo shorts because they have plenty of pockets. Always go for pants that are water-resistant and have a UPF factor.


Shoes that are quick to dry and with rubber soles are your best option for fishing. We need shoes that will not slip and are comfortable to wear.


I will advise against wearing flip-flops because they are super slippery and make you get hurt really badly. Additionally, sunglasses, hats, and gloves are a necessity.

Clothes For Deep Sea & Flying Fishing

For deep sea and flying fishing, the same rules apply as I have mentioned above. The clothes to wear for flying fishing include waders, Boots for Ice Fishing, and a fishing vest. Since fly fisherman spends most of their time standing in water; therefore, it is necessary to go for clothes that keep you warm and dry.

Clothes For Deep Sea & Flying Fishing

For deep-sea fishing, you need clothes that are water-resistant, wind-proof, and offer UPF protection. When it comes to shoes, consider factors such as lightweight and rubber soles to reduce the risk of slipping on a wet deck.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when buying fishing clothes, ensure that they are comfortable, dry and provide protection from the sun. Moreover, before buying clothes and footwear for fishing, also consider the weather conditions and the place where you will be fishing.

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