6 Fishing Reel Manufacturers Well Known In US

Fishing is more than just a hobby, so I always try to equip myself with the right fishing equipment to enjoy this fun activity to the fullest.

6 Fishing Reel Manufacturers Well Known in US

All those reading this must be here for the same reason, so if you are interested in knowing the fishing reel manufacturers who are leading the industry and providing customers with the best fishing reels. Let’s look at the Clean fishing reel manufacturers and their unique characteristics.


Consider fishing reel brands that produce a wide range of fishing reel types and in different sizes to suit every angler’s needs. 


To buy fishing reels, you must look for fishing reel manufacturers that offer advanced, reliable, and durable fishing reels.

Fishing Reel Manufacturers

Over 26 years, from 17 to 43, I have witnessed remarkable advancements in fishing equipment. I am here to share fishing reel manufacturers that have truly adapted themselves according to the changing fishing industry and are the best in every way.

Fishing Reel Manufacturers

Before investing your money in any fishing reels, read this article till the end to know what fishing reel brand suits all your needs.

Pro Tip

Research reputable fishing reel manufacturers that are known for their quality and innovation to get your hands on high-quality equipment. 

1. Lew’s

Lew’s is a famous American brand that needs no introduction, and many anglers love to carry Lew’s fishing equipment, from baitcasting reels to spinning reels and fishing rods, to enjoy their fishing trip to the fullest. I am one of them too, and Lew’s is one of my favorite fishing reel brands.


This brand launched its first reel in 1973 and is still the best fishing reel manufacturer of the 21st century. What I like the most about Lew’s high-quality products is their flexible price, so whether you have a limited budget or not, you can find high-quality fishing reels in every price range, from affordably cheap to ridiculously high, without compromising on the quality of the product.

So, if you want the best fishing reels without worrying about your budget, then Lew’s is the best choice. I like Lew’s Tournament Pro LFS Speed Spool Baitcast Reel the most out of all Lew’s fishing reels because of the following incredible features:

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Multiple speed gears
  • Anti-reverse
  • Line indicator

2. Shimano

Shimano is the biggest name in the fishing industry and the best friend of many anglers, beginner and seasoned anglers alike. I have never seen an angler without a single Shimano fishing product in his bag. This Japanese brand is the best fishing reel manufacturer, and what makes them best is their commitment to providing advanced high-tech fishing reels that offer precision and ultimate performance to the users.


Fishing is not all about skills and passion; having the right fishing gear can turn the tables for you. Among all fishing reel brands, I chose Shimano because they are the best fishing reel manufacturers who offer products in every price range, and my favorite is Shimano Sedona FI Spinning Reel, a high-end fishing reel at a low price.

3. Abu Gracia

Once upon a time, Abu Gracia was a famous watch and telephone timers brand, but now Abu Gracia is a well-known fishing reel brand since 1941. The jump from watches to manufacturing incredible fishing reels does not seem easy, but thanks to Abu Gracia’s owner’s son, who shifted the brand focus and provided us with excellent fishing reels.

Abu Gracia

My first purchase from Abu Gracia was the Abu Garcia Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo, and it’s my favorite for bass fishing. From baitcasting reels to spin-casting reels and everything in between, they have nothing but the best.

4. Daiwa

With all the big names in the industry and fishing reel manufacturers, Daiwa is second to none. Their journey of being a fishing reel manufacturer started in 1955, and still holds the titles of best fishing reel manufacturers. Whether you want a fishing reel for freshwater fishing or a deep-sea adventure, Daiwa has got you covered.


I mostly like to go for saltwater fishing, and for me, nothing works better than the Daiwa BG MQ Spinning Reel. If you want something outstanding at a not-so-high price, you should go for Daiwa, one of the best fishing reel brands.

5. 13 Fishing

13 Fishing is just a baby in the fishing industry but still gives tough competition to older fishing reel manufacturers by providing the best-in-market fishing reels. 13 Fishing is in Florida and was founded in 2012. They have a huge collection of fishing reels in the following categories;

13 Fishing
  • Freshwater fishing reels
  • Saltwater fishing reels
  • Hard water fishing reels

It is my favorite because of its hard water fishing reels. Hard water fishing reels are not easy to find, especially a good one.

So, do you often fish in ice water when the temperature is freezing cold, or am I the only one? If yes, then you should get my favorite Ice Fishing Spinning Reels right away because if you are an ice fishing person and don’t have this, then you are missing a lot in life.

6. Penn Fishing

Penn Fishing is one of the oldest fishing reel manufacturers and has been in this industry since 1932. If you have stepped into the fishing world just now or have been into fishing for decades, everyone knows about Penn Fishing and loves to carry their fishing equipment.

Penn Fishing

The most famous fishing reel of Penn Fishing is Senator, which was introduced in 1936, and what a masterpiece this fishing reel is. I was really impressed with its strength, speed, and power it holds against giant fish.

Not just Senator, almost all fishing reels of Penn Fishing offer incredible strength and durability, including my absolute favorite PENN Battle III Spinning Fishing Reel. Moreover, Penn Fishing has over 1400 IGFA world records, which speaks to the quality of the robust fishing products they manufacture.


Who makes the best reels for fishing?

Many famous fishing reel brands, like Shimano, Daiwa, 13 Fishing, etc., make the best reels for fishing.

Who manufactures Daiwa?

Daiwa is a Japanese fishing reel brand that produces high-quality fishing equipment and sports goods.

What are the four different types of fishing reels?

The fishing reels are categorized into four major types, which include spin casting reels, baitcasting reels, and spinning and fly reels.

Who is the Swedish manufacturer of fishing reels?

Abu Garcia is a famous fishing reel manufacturer in Sweden.

Is Daiwa better than Shimano?

Both Daiwa and Shimano are great fishing reel brands, but comparatively, Shimano reels offer better smoothness and durability than Daiwa. However, they are pricier than Daiwa.

The Bottom Line

Everyone wants to have the best. The same is true for fishing enthusiasts who love to equip themselves with all the best fishing items. We have included a few fishing reel brands in this Fishing guide to familiarize every beginner and avid angler with all the in-town and the world’s best fishing reel manufacturers.

I hope it helps. See you again.

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