Spinning Rod Vs. Casting Rod – Detailed Comparison!

Fishing is a very fun activity, but only if you have got the right gear for it.

Spinning Rod vs. Casting Rod

Traveling a long journey only to realize that your fishing gear does not work well is a frustration that every fishing enthusiast wants to stay away from.


The issue mostly arises when you pick a spinning rod randomly without knowing about its characteristics. There is a huge difference between a spinning rod and a casting rod.

At the top of the list is the fact that they are used for different types of reels. Apart from this, there are many small features that put the two types of rods in different categories. All of them have been shared in detail in the article below.

Spinning Rod vs. Casting Rod

What is a Spinning Rod?

As the name of the rod indicates, it is a type of fishing rod that is meant to be used with spinning reels.

What is a Spinning Rod

Best Spinning Rods are available in a wide range of power and lengths. The most common fishing techniques that a spinning rod is used for are casting, trolling, fly fishing, and bottom fishing.

What is a Casting Rod?

The type of rod that is used with the best baitcasting reels is known as a casting rod. This type of rod is also available in different powers, lengths, and actions for the users to pick from according to their level of expertise as well as liking.

What is a Casting Rod

The most common fishing techniques that a casting rod can be used for include casting, jigging, and ‘flipping and pitching,’ which is the most common technique of using casting rods.

The best use of casting rods is done with heavier baits, which is why they are mostly used for targeting and catching larger fish. The accuracy level of these rods is the highest.

Differences Between Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod


The main difference between casting and spinning rods is the guides. The casting rod has guides facing upward, and the spinning rod has guides facing downward. 

Reel Type

The first major difference between a spinning rod and a casting rod is the difference of reel type suitable for both rods. For a spinning rod, a spinning reel is used, which requires the users to open and close the line guide with the bail. However, spinning reels have a shorter distance range.

Reel Type

On the other hand, a casting rod can only be used with a baitcasting reel. This type of reel is not controlled with a bail; instead, there is a thumb bar that the users need to use in order to control the spool and line.

In order to release the spool, the users need to press down on the thumb bar and hold it. Baitcasting reels come with a larger distance range; therefore, the users can cast them at a far distance.

Placement of Reel

The second major difference between the two types of rods is the different placement of the reels on each rod. On a spinning rod, the spinning reel goes right under the rod, with the line guide facing downwards as well.

Placement of Reel

However, on the other side, we have the casting rod on which the baitcasting reel goes on the top of the upper side of the casting rod. Therefore, the line guides are also on the top side, facing upwards.

Casting Technique

Spinning rods are much easier to cast as compared to casting rods, which is why they are ideal for beginners and people who cannot fish very expertly. For a spinning rod, you will need to open the bail and then hold the rod in your right hand and the reel in your left hand. Make sure to move your index finger on the line and use strength to swing the rod back.

Casting Technique

You need to ensure that it goes over your shoulder, and then remove your index finger and move the rod forward. The line will keep going farther, so you need to close the bail when your bait reaches the target spot.

For a baitcasting rod, the procedure is a little different; you need to start with spooling the reel with a line and then open the bail. Switch the rod to your right hand or your dominant hand while the reel should stay in the other hand, and place your thumb on the thumb bar. You also need to move your index finger to the spool lip, swing the rod backward, and then swing it forward while removing the index finger from the spool lip.

Pro Tip

In order to control the amount of line released, you will need to use your thumb. Close the bail immediately once the desired amount of line has been released.

Line Guide And its Placement

The line guide and its placement are another major difference that sets spinning rods apart from casting rods. On a spinning rod, the line flows off the rod in a straight manner, so it will fall into the water in a straight line. This is due to the fact that the line guide is placed in a straight manner.

Line Guide And its Placement

However, on a casting rod, the situation is different as the line flows out of the rod in the shape of a curve. Similar to the spinning rod, this flow-out shape is due to the parabolic line guide placement from the reel seat to the edge of the casting rod. Moreover, the line guides on a casting rod are also placed much more closely as compared to a spinning rod.

On the other hand, the line guide faces downwards on a spinning rod due to the reel placement. On a casting rod, the line guide faces upwards as the reel placement is at the top of the rod.


When it comes to the versatility of both types of fishing rods, there is a difference here as well. Spinning rods are much more versatile than casting rods in comparison, as they can be used for a wider range of fishing techniques. Moreover, the reduced line friction of spinning rods is another thing that makes it highly versatile and much easier to handle.


On the other hand, we have casting rods, which are not as versatile as spinning rods. They do offer a few choices of fishing techniques, but the number is limited and lower than that of a spinning rod.

Accuracy and Power

The last difference between the two types of fishing rods is the level of accuracy. Both types of fishing rods have a level of accuracy, but casting rods offer a much higher level of accuracy. The line placement of the casting rod plays a major role in the level of accuracy that these rods have to offer.

Accuracy and Power

In addition to that, a casting rod has a much higher lure weight capacity, which is another smaller detail that greatly enhances the accuracy of the rod. If we talk about the power, then the casting rod is the winner in that as well. A casting rod comes packed with a higher level of power as compared to a spinning rod.


What is the advantage of a spinning rod?

The first major advantage of a spinning rod is that they are much easier to use as compared to other types of fishing rods. In addition to that, they are also widely versatile and can be used for different fishing techniques. Lastly, spinning rods are pretty basic; therefore, they also come at a much cheaper price than other rods, which is a major advantage.

Can you put a spinning reel on a casting rod?

Even though you can put a spinning reel on a casting rod, it is not something that is recommended by the experts. Adding a spinning reel on a casting rod is not the difficult part; the real difficulty arises after that as the line often gets tangled. In order to use a spinning reel on a casting rod, there needs to be a lot of modifications done beforehand, especially arranging the line guides differently.

Which type of rod is better for beginners?

A spinning rod is the ideal choice for beginners, as it is fairly simple to use. In addition to that, this type of rod also supports more fishing techniques and comes at a low cost, which makes it the ideal choice for a beginner.

Which type of rod is better for fishing in saltwater?

Technically, both types of fishing rods, spinning and casting, can be used for fishing in saltwater. However, the type that is most commonly preferred by anglers is the casting rod, as it can carry heavier bait.


Fishing can become a horrible experience, especially for a beginner who is still learning the hang of it. However, it can be made into a very fun activity by picking the perfect fishing rod for yourself.

So, read the article above carefully, as it focuses on all of the differences between spinning rods and casting rods. It will help you pick the most suitable one for yourself.

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