7 Best Lures for Perch

To catch perch on your next fishing trip, you need the right fishing gear as well as the appropriate lure, which is specifically designed to attract and entice fish. Appropriate lures will help you catch your target, hence making them an important piece of fishing gear. Lure comes in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, which makes choosing one troublesome and frustrating.

Best Lures for Perch

However, do not fret; I have compiled some of the best lures for perch fishing that will undoubtedly satisfy your requirements. In this guide, I am going to describe the best fishing lures and their features and explore the buying guide in detail, providing factors to determine before purchasing them. Therefore, keep reading to gain insight.

Best Lures for Perch

There are thousands of lures available in the market, making selecting the best one a difficult task and confusing. To help you with the purchasing decision, I have gathered a selection of the best fishing lures appropriate for perch fishing. The best lures and their features are described below:

1. Berkley Gulp! Minnow Fishing Soft Bait

Berkley Gulp! Minnow Fishing Soft Bait

Best Features:

  • 9.07-gram weight
  • Heavily scented
  • Erratic darting movements
  • Water-based formula

The first on our list is the Berkley Gulp! Minnow soft bait, which is considered one of the best soft plastic lures. You can find them in different colors and sizes, so use them according to your fishing or water conditions. The soft plastic lure is generally crafted from soft plastic material and is specifically designed to mimic the appearance and movements of live bait to entice the targets.

Now, let’s first discuss its appearance and the smell it radiates. Its appearance strongly resembles that of live bait, with lifelike details from the scale to the fins, making it an irresistible lure for predatory fish. Whenever I purchase lures, I specifically observe their appearance as it greatly affects the success of my fishing trip and catching big fish.

Berkley Gulp! Minnow Fishing Soft Bait

Up to 20 percent of perch usually feeds on small fish and minnows, so what’s more ideal than using a minnow-like lure? Furthermore, the best thing about using a soft plastic lure is that I can use it for a variety of fishing techniques, such as jigging, casting, or slow-rolling them along the bottom. For their versatility, I especially enjoy using them in various fishing conditions and have found success in catching fish, including perch.


The Berkley Gulp! Minnow soft bite packaging contains some issues that may not effectively contain the liquid, leading to potential leakage. Additionally, if they are not stored properly, they can dry out, making them ineffective for fishing. 

Berkley Gulp! Minnow soft fishing bait boasts a scent dispersion that is 400 times more effective than any other regular plastic bait. This extraordinary smell is surely effective when catching more fish and increases your chances of success. However, there might be some issues with the packaging, and liquid leakage can lead to an unpleasant experience; hence, I will advise you to use any sealable container to store the lure after opening the package.

Besides the liquid leakage problem, I did not experience any other problems. Moreover, when it comes to Minnow’s soft bait action in the water, it is safe to say that their lifelike swimming action is simply incredible. I want my lures to be more lifelike and realistic in action because this can help me attract and land my favorite target.


  • Life-like bait
  • Easy to store
  • 400 times scent dispersion
  • Realistic swimming action


  • They wear out faster than expected

To sum up, Berkley Gulp! Minnow soft bait offers versatility, realistic design, and scent technology that will undoubtedly increase the chances of successful fishing. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your hands on it.

2. Marabou Feather Jigs

Marabou Feather Jigs

Best Features:

  • Feather material
  • 0.03 ounces weight
  • Heavily chenille wrapped
  • Bright 3D eye

Marabou Feather jigs have a unique and interesting design with their heads shaped like an eye and attractive fishtails that fish find irresistible. They come in a variety of vibrant colors that are best suited for fishing in muddy water. In muddy water, when visibility is extremely low, a bright, vibrant lure like Marabou Feather jigs is the best option to lure perch.

Anglers mostly use this jig to catch perch, crappy, and sunfish, as well as Smallmouth Bass and other freshwater species. I specifically use it to catch perch because they are quite effective and mimic the real bait pretty well. Moreover, I was a little hesitant about purchasing it at first, thinking feathers might not perform well in the water.

However, I was proven wrong; feathers are not affected by water temperature and can last a long time. Overall, the Marabou Feather jig’s appearance is really attractive, especially with the combination of vibrant and attractive colors that offer visibility under different water conditions. Marabou Feather body is a combination of a lead sinker and hook fused together.

Marabou Feather Jigs

In addition, in contrast to the spinnerbait, which uses horizontal movement, jig operations vertically in the water, with sharp jerks to attract the prey. A single twitch from the fishing rod tip sets the Marabou Feather jigs dancing, and the perch can’t resist but be attracted to it. To use the jig successfully, I cast the feather jig and let it sink to the bottom.

After I confirm its position, I try to move the rod in varying directions, snapping upward and to the side or moving the rod tip side to side to imitate a crawfish or other small bait. When trying this technique, you have to be alert for any potential strike. The best aspect of the Marabou Feather jig is its durability and that it will surely stay with you for a long time.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Durability
  • Excellent performance


  • Soft hooks

In essence, Marabou Feathers jigs are an excellent choice for anglers looking for something vibrant and unique to entice the perch. They also offer excellent performance and versatility.

3. Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure

Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure

Best Features:

  • Stainless steel, brass, copper and metal material
  • 1 ounces weight
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Spoon (type)

If I were to select the best overall lure, then I would definitely choose the Acme Kastmaster fishing lure as the ideal choice. It’s not only durable and exceptional in performance but also versatile, allowing you to use it in any fishing condition. The main role of the Acme Kastmaster fishing lure is to imitate the movements and actions of an injured baitfish, making it effective for both saltwater and freshwater.

For me, the main highlight feature of the Kastmaster fishing lure is definitely the long casting range that allows me to reach distant spots and explore large areas of water. Now, moving on to its durability, its solid bass construction gives you the guarantee that it will never wear out, corrode, or break. Therefore, you can be sure that you are investing your money in the right place.

Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure

If we were to look at its negative aspect, I would say it’s Kastmaster lure hooks. They are not that sharp when out of the package, but fortunately, this problem can be fixed with a hook sharpener, or you can also swap them for a similar-sized Gamakatsu treble hook.  This problem is not a deal breaker for me, so I am completely satisfied with the Acme Kastmaster fishing lure.

You can use the Acme Kastmaster fishing lure for not only perch but also other types of fish species, such as trout, etc. This is all thanks to its versatile design, making it useful for any type of fishing.


  • Excellent quality
  • Long cast range
  • Very affordable price
  • Versatile


  • The hooks are not that sharp

The Acme Kastmaster fishing lure stands out as a highly versatile option,  offering excellent durability and quality, all at a very affordable price. If you are looking for something affordable that does not compromise quality and performance, then Kastmaster is your perfect choice.

4. Z-MAN TRD Tubez


Best Features:

  • Plastic material
  • 2.75-inch size
  • Ned Rig-sized tube profile
  • Tough ElaZtech soft plastics

Another soft plastic lure on our list is the Z-MAN TRD Tubez – a secret weapon that every angler must have in their tackle box. Although not that popular yet, it has been gaining recognition among anglers for its effectiveness as well as robust construction. Moreover, it is very affordable, making it the perfect choice for anglers seeking effective performance at a budget-friendly price.

First, let me discuss its appearance and construction, which is pretty attractive to me. It’s designed with a cylindrical body and a series of following tentacles like an octopus that give it a real-life bait appearance. This specific design makes the Z-MAN TRD Tubez well-suited for various mushroom-style jig heads.

Its attractive and real-life bait appearance provides a natural and enticing profile in the water, mimicking the appearance of small baitfish. It is a fact that a good lure should look like the small fish that bigger prey like to eat. Z-MAN TRD Tubez lure’s movement in the water triggers an aggressive response from predatory fish.

Soft plastic lures are gaining recognition as one of the most effective lures and one of my personal favorite lures. One thing I appreciate about soft plastic lures is their lifelike appearance as well as the action, which makes the illusion that tricks fish into biting by triggering their predatory instincts. Additionally, perch are known for their aggressive feedings, so you need a lure that can withstand the pressure; in such a case, Z-MAN TRD Tubez is the perfect choice.

Z-MAN uses 10X Tough ElaZtech, which is an advanced technology that offers exceptional durability to the lure. The 10 X Touggh emphasizes the robustness and longevity of the Z-MAN lure compared to other soft plastic lures. Moreover, Z-MAN TRD is highly elastic and flexible, allowing the lure to stretch and move more naturally in the water.


  • Durability
  • Lifelike appearance
  • Excellent action


  • Skirts can get easily tangled

Z-MAN TRD Tubez is a soft plastic lure that combines effective durability with flexibility, showcasing lifelike movements that trigger the predatory instincts of fish. Moreover, they are very affordable.

5. Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms

Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms

Best Features:

  • Imitates the baby stage of an insect
  • 1 pound weight
  • Soft bait
  • PowerBait scent

If you are searching for one of the best and most irresistible scent lures, then look no further than Berkley PowerBait Power Honey worms. PowerBait lures feature a unique sweet scent that drives fish crazy and makes them cling to the hook 18 times longer. These Berkley PowerBait Power Honey worms can last much longer and are equally effective in attracting fish as real honey worms.

PowerBait Power Honey worms are also one of my favorite go-to lures for fishing trips, and I have been successful in catching perch most of the time. I use these PowerBait worms in two ways: one is by putting it on a hook and letting it float a bit underwater using a weighted float.

Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms

In the second method, I put it on a hook and add a Powerbait egg under a slip weight to make the bait stay above the lake bottom. Both of these methods prove highly effective, ensuring successful fishing in ponds and lakes. Moreover, they also offer excellent action.


  • Excellent action
  • Irresistible smell
  • Lifelike appearance


  • Less resilient

In essence, Berkley PowerBait Power Honey worms emit an irresistible smell that causes fish to hold onto the hook eighteen times longer. Therefore, go ahead and purchase PowerBait Honey Worms to increase your chances of success in fishing.

6. Mepps Aglia Plain

Mepps Aglia Plain

Best Features:

  • Copper material
  • Copper blade
  • Brass style
  • 3 size

Mepps Aglia Plain lure is considered one of the world’s 1st lures and was originally invented by French engineer Andre Meulnart. With its robust construction and solid body, it enables long casting, effectively covering larger water bodies. Mepps Aglia Plain is a spinner bait fishing lure that features metal blades that rotate like a propeller when it is in motion, producing vibration in the water.

Mepps Aglia is my best choice for use in muddy or stained water because they perform the best in these conditions. In muddy water, when visibility is extremely low, it attracts strikes due to the vibration from its blades. The target or perch perceives this action as a group of baitfish passing by, and they do not want to miss it.

Mepps Aglia Plain

Besides using the spinnerbaits in muddy water, I also specifically use them to lure bass out of hiding spots within a dense cover. The best setting for using the spinnerbait is definitely in open water or around flooded brush or wood. Thanks to Mepps Aglia’s unique design, which helps avoid getting stuck in the brush, I can confidently navigate through the cover.


  • Amazing performance
  • Excellent quality
  • Enables long casting


  • Limited weight options

Mepps Aglia Plain is the best spinner bait lure that offers excellent performance, particularly in muddy water. In addition, they are very affordable.

7. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

Best Features:

  • 8 pounds (weight)
  • 6 inch (length)
  • 3′ (depth)
  • 15cm size

The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow fishing lure offers a versatile design that is particularly advantageous for catching any variety of fish.  The best thing about it is its life-like appearance resembling real bait which makes it perfect for attracting perch. Moreover, as said above, up to 20 percent of perch eat minnows, so a lure that resembles minnows is the perfect choice for enticing them.

Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

I especially like that Salt Pro Minnows lures offer long casting, which allows me to reach areas where fish might be hiding.  Moreover, Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is specifically designed for a quick, jerky retrieve, which produces a zig-zag motion that snatches the attention of predators. Instead of just reeling in this reel, I try to add extra movements and give it some jerks and pauses, which works best for me.

Furthermore, it also comes in a variety of colors, so choose the one that meets your requirements. I like my lure to be vibrant and lifelike, and this definitely helps me in catching my favorite fish.


  • Versatile design
  • Swims amazing
  • Excellent performance


  • Less durable

The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow fishing lure is the best lure for attracting perch due to its resemblance to minnows, a common food source for many perch.

Detailed Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Best Lures for Perch

Before planning to purchase the lures for your next fishing trip, it is essential to keep certain factors in mind that will help you avoid making an uninformed decision. An appropriate lure for perch fishing is quite necessary for a successful fishing experience. Consider the following factors when planning a fishing trip.

Pro Tip

Choose a fishing lure that mimics the current prey of perch in the targeted water body, considering size, color, and movement, and adapt to water conditions for increased success in attracting bites.

Factors To Consider Best Lures for Perch
Infographic: Factors To Consider Best Lures for Perch

Perch Behavior (Understand What They Eat)

The most important thing is to understand the preferences and taste of perch in a specific water body where you are planning to fish. This will help you give a basic idea of what kind of lure you will need to attract perch. Baby yellow perch can eat tiny organisms like zooplankton and other microorganisms.

However, when they grow in size, they switch to small insects, such as midges and mosquitoes. Upon maturity, their diet evolves to include small fish, crawfish, leeches, mysid shrimp, and other water-dwelling invertebrates. Moreover, up to 20 percent of their diet includes small fish and minnows.

Therefore, to successfully catch the perch, you need a lure that imitates these prey, which is highly effective. Furthermore, when choosing a fishing lure, you must consider the main type of food perch is consuming in your local fishing venue. If there are lots of small fish in the water during the summer, use a lure that looks like them.

However, if the place where you are fishing is surrounded by crayfish, go for a lure that looks like them. This action will help you achieve success in fishing, especially when targeting larger fish used to eating crayfish.

Lure Size & Length

Another thing to consider is the size of the lure that you will use to bait the fish. If you go for something that is too small, it will only attract a small perch. On the other hand, if you use a lure that is too large, it can potentially scare away the perch.

The recommended size range for a lure typically falls between 5 to 10 centimeters. Among this range, a lure around 7 centimeters in length can be the most ideal, attracting perch of various sizes without scaring them away. This size range provides perfect balance, making it versatile and effective for a variety of perch fishing situations.

Versatile Lure

Anglers should go for lures that are versatile and suitable for every fishing condition. These types of lures can adapt to different conditions, depths, and techniques, making them valuable tools for any fishing conditions. If you are fishing in different water conditions, having versatile lures can help anglers tackle any fishing situation smoothly.

Versatile lures often have interchangeable components, which offers the flexibility to customize their appearance and action. This flexibility is advantageous specifically when you want the lure to be like what the fish are eating or adapt to different places where you are fishing. When purchasing the lure, consider its design, adaptability feature, seasonal adaptability, and overall durability.

Water Conditions

Another thing to keep in mind is the water conditions where you are going for fishing. Buy the lure according to the specific water conditions, as different lures work better in varying conditions. In colored or muddy water, where you are unable to see things clearly, a bright and contrasting color can be quite effective.

On the other, in clear water, opt for a lure that possesses subtle colors. In clear water, where visibility is high, it is important to use a lure that closely resembles natural prey. Realistic colors and natural movements will more likely attract the target in such water conditions.

In warm water, where fishes are generally active and aggressive, fast-moving lures, such as crankbaits, are the best option. On the other hand, fish are quite inactive in cold water, so slower-moving lures, such as soft plastics, are more useful in enticing bites.


Purchasing an appropriate lure for your next fishing trip needs proper planning and consideration. Before buying, read the different reviews of the products from expert anglers to understand the pros and cons of the product thoroughly. The experts offer a critical analysis of the product, judging it from every angle.

You can read reviews from any reputable site. These reviews will help you understand which type of lure is suitable for you and meets your requirements.

Final Verdict

There are multiple fishing lures available in the market, each with its unique and distinctive design and features, making the purchase decision confusing and troublesome. To get rid of this confusion, read the best perch lures mentioned in this guide to narrow down your decision. Let me recommend my top three choices:

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